The Institute for Diamond Studies (IDS)

The Certified Gemological Laboratory was established with the specific aim of providing advanced gemological services to members of the Israeli and global diamond and jewelry businesses, as well as the general public.

The diamond and jewelry industries are prestigious and their glamor attracts many people to the business. That is all the more the case in Israel, one of the world's leading diamond trading center, where the diamond industry is responsible for around a quarter of merchandise exports.

And a dynamic diamond center with a world-class reputation needs a professional school of gemology to provide state-of-the-art training given by experienced gemologists and using the latest techniques and devices as well as a sound grounding of the basics of gemology.

The diamond industry provides one of the most sought-after jobs in the Israeli economy. It is for that reason that the institute provides training in all diamond grading and identification methods – from basic gemology courses dealing with the grading and evaluation of polished diamonds, to advanced courses, dealing with  rough diamonds marking, designing and evaluation. Our instructors speak Hebrew, English, Russian and Spanish.

The courses are led by two instructors in small groups of up to 10 students. This guarantees that to a great extent, each student benefits from individual training and attention.

The subjects taught include:

  • Methods of Identifying Real and Imitation Diamonds
  • Diamond Evaluation and Appraisal according to accepted industry criteria
  • Grading and Gemological Certification of Diamonds
  • Sources of Rough Diamonds
  • Marking, Designing and Evaluation of Rough Diamonds
  • Using Tools (loupes and microscopes)

Each session includes theoretical studies, demonstrations and practical exercises. All demonstrations and exercises are done on real diamonds and not imitations.
Course graduates acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to enter the prestigious world of the diamond industry.
In addition to the full courses given by the institute, special courses are given for:

  • Appraisers and adjusters
  • Diamond factory foremen
  • Executive Secretaries in Diamond offices
  • Production Clerks in Diamond Factories
  • Insurance and Bank Adjustors

At the end of the course, graduates will receive an official certificate recognized by:

  • The Fund for the Absorption of Released Soldiers (Ministry of Labor and Welfare)
  • The Department for Workforce Training and Development
  • The Organization of Adjustors and Assessors
  • The Ministry of Education and Culture (career retraining)

The Histadrut's national union of diamond workers

The Israel Diamond Exchange
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