Extra Services

We know the diamond industry moves quickly, and diamantaires need certificates in hours in order to make sure of a sale, as well as highly secure pick-up and delivery services.

That is why we provide a range of special additional services including:

Same Day Grading – an express service providing a certificate on the same business day that we receive it at CGL.

Exclusive D2D Service - a personal door-to-door service – fast, secure, reliable and exclusive to CGL.

Preliminary Examination – Clients often require an initial examination of the stone dealing with color and clarity before ordering a full grading report.
The details are kept in a different file and remain as the basis of our examination for one year from the date of inspection.
As soon as the diamond's preliminary examination is completed, it is automatically sent to the transit section of the CGL lab. We will then provide you with the results of the preliminary examination by telephone, fax or e-mail, whichever is most convenient for you.
Based on these results, you can decide which type of certificate best suits your requirements and which additional services you need. Meanwhile, the diamond will remain in transit until you give us your further instruction.
For prices and other information regarding this service, please contact us.

Sealing service
To provide our customers with complete rest of mind, CGL offers you the possibility of having your diamond sealed. This sealing is a foolproof way of ensuring that a diamond and its certificate go together and prevent any possibility whatsoever of a mix-up. Sealing also keeps the diamond safe from grease and dirt and in pristine condition for when you offer it for sale to a potential client.
Our sealing has been created to hold the diamond in place and show its beauty:

  • A transparent, colorless, scratch-resistant polyester 'window' makes sure that the diamond can be seen with all its brilliance and fire
  • The diamond is protected against any damage due to the strong but flexible material from which the sealing packet is made
  • The sealing is easily opened by hand by peeling it open – not even scissors are needed – but once it is opened, it cannot be resealed and therefore cannot be tampered with or replaced
  • Ensures that a diamond sent out for sale to a potential client cannot be changed or replaced, thus providing you with complete security and peace of mind.

Laser Inscription
Laser engraving on the girdle or the table of the stone with the certificate number or any other identifying text to customize your diamond. This is the best means of ensuring that your diamond corresponds to its certificate: by having the identification number of your CGL certificate laser inscribed on it.
The laser inscription is a microscopic marking created by a laser beam on the diamond's surface.

Personalize Your Diamond
A diamond is a symbol of love and long-lasting commitment and to give you the opportunity of making it even more personal we offer a service where we can engrave even the most intricate logos and symbols, or produce text in sophisticated fonts. In addition, once we have your logo or other inscription on file, it remains available only to you or people to whom you give permission to obtain the inscription.