Certified Diamonds Verification

For the convenience of our clients, we give you the ability to see your certificate online and enable you to print out the details of the grading report

*Online verification is for verifying CGL reports purpose only and not to be concidered or used as a gemological report of any kind.
*Appraisal - if shown is made for insurance purposes only and shall not be considered as an estimation value for buying or selling.

Certified Diamonds Verification Results

Cert: 2582932893001414 Msrts: 3.04 - 3.08 x 1.90mm
Date: 18/07/23 Shape: Round Brilliant
Weight: 0.11 ct. Cut: EX
Color: D Polish: EX
Clarity: VVS2 Symmetry: VG
Fluo.: STG Table: 59.00 %
Total depth: 62.20 % Girdle: 4.50 %
Download PDF: Culet: 0.70 %